It’s Only Rock and Roll

If I had a quarter for everytime someone said to me “I don’t understand how your band isn’t played on the big radio stations or selling out stadiums…”. It’s a nice gesture. And there are lots of obvious reasons why we’re not. We settled many years ago to the idea we’d prefer to “own” what we do. We don’t want other people telling us how we should sound, or look or that we’re too old to do this. We did all that years ago. No thanks (errmm, that doesn’t mean we’re not willing to listen to any offers).

We’ve also been lucky. We have a lot of friends who support us. Friends that book us in nice clubs, put us on fantastic bills. And all the way to everyone who comes out to the shows. We can’t thank you all for allowing us to do this. In trade, we’ll keep doing our best to make the best music we can and play our hearts out for you every time we step on stage.

For everyone out there keeping up with the changing music industry, here’s a pair of must-reads. Really interesting stuff here. I don’t study/analyze the music industry like I did in the early 90s, but I try to stay aware of any happenings especially the items that affect us independent artists.

Ex-Major Label Exec: ‘You Can’t Develop Artists When Everyone Thinks You’re an Extortionist’

How record companies functioned on a 90% failure for so long continues to astound me. Here’s a link to a fantastic documentary made years ago about The Dandy Warhols & The Brian Jonestown Massacre that touches on this subject: DIG!

And here’s a fantastic interview w/ David Lowery (Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven) that really tells what’s it like to be a independent artist in 2012:

I’m a Successful Artist. And Here’s Why Things Have Never Been Worse…

While a lot of this might not seem to matter to you music listeners/supporters out there, it should.

Peace everyone, Jake

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